Loans For Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels have surged in popularity thanks to the emerging tastes of Indian consumers, and we’re here to help you grow further with our customised loans. You can use our customised loans to expand your hotel and renovate your interiors, or add additional facilities such as spas, pools, gyms, and conference rooms so that you can takes advantage of a larger & varied market. We can also help you with customised loans for working capital to work through the lean months, replace furniture, or add additional or specialised staff.

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Product Type
Secured and unsecured business loans
Eligible entities
Proprietorship concerns, Partnership firm, private limited companies, closely held limited companies, LLPs.
eligibility criteria

Minimum Age Norms
Minimum Age of co borrower  be 23 years

Maximum Age Norms
Maximum Age of borrower/ coborrower at the time of loan maturity to be 65 years

Business Vintage / Work Experience
Should be more than or equal to 5 years

Product detail

Minimum Loan Amount    
Unsecured Business Loan- 10 Lacs, Secured Business Loan - 25 Lacs

Maximum Loan Amount    
Unsecured Business Loan- 50 Lacs, Secured Business Loan - 500 Lacs

Minimum Tenure    
12 Months

Maximum Tenure    
Unsecured Business Loan- 36 months, Secured Business Loan - 120 months