• Sector Specific Loans To Power India’s MSME Growth

    We believe the foundations of our partnerships are rooted in a deeper understanding and knowledge of your business.
    U GRO has created a range of Sector Specific Loan Products, using a combination of industry data and advanced analytics, to unlock the true potential of your business.
    Your business and you, are the focus of our solutions.

  • A financial immunity booster
    for MSMEs to bounce back!

    An end-to-end digital loan program for the revival of your MSME business in the shortest possible time.

  • A secured lending solution designed for micro enterprises to become Atmanirbhar!

    A one-stop-solution to help India’s micro segment fortify its financial position against re-imagined inclusivity of collateral range.


    In order to aid MSMEs, who are significantly impacted by the nation-wide lockdown in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has launched an Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS) to meet the additional term loan and working capital requirement.

  • Know an MSME who wants to GRO?

    Refer them to us and avail great commissions with our exclusive Partner Program!

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Loans For 8 Industry Sectors & 35+ Sub Sectors
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Top Global Investors

Welcome to the world of U GRO.
If your business happens to be in any of these sectors, chances are that you’ll find a loan for your precise business requirement.
Using sectoral knowledge from financial and non-financial sources, we deep-dive into the ecosystem your business operates in, to understand the growth of your venture. Our statistical predictive models, augmented with external data sources, power assess your business and create super-customized sustainable solutions that offer better prospects for long-term growth. We have various programs to fuel growth in over 35 sub-sector businesses.