An influencer and a hands-on leader who trusts his instincts.



“A man of many great qualities, Mr Nath is known to be an influencer and a hands-on leader who trusts his instincts. Presently, he is focused on the SME credit gap in India”


Mr Shachindra Nath is a distinguished corporate leader and the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of U GRO Capital. In his rich career spanning three decades, Mr Nath has been influential in building diversified financial services including Insurance, Asset Management, Lending and Capital Market.


Belonging to the historic city of Varanasi, he spent his early life growing up in a nurturing environment. Mr Nath, a lawyer by education, is a university rank holder from Banaras Hindu University. He began his career as a commercial trainee and spent many years working in the carpet industry. Over the years, he travelled extensively across rural India. After many years, he made a transition to the financial service industry and since then, there has been no looking back. Mr Nath has diversified financial service experience wherein he has been part of multiple financial services’ startups and reached a leadership role. In his previous roles, he has been instrumental in setting up Insurance Companies, Global Asset Management Businesses, Capital Market and Lending Institutions.


Throughout his illustrious career, he has been instrumental in building two insurance companies, a large asset management company and an NBFC. Some of his biggest achievements include establishing new business verticals alongside foraying successful joint ventures and partnerships for the group.


Nearly three decades into his professional career, Mr Nath took on the role of an entrepreneur by acquiring control of a listed NBFC called Chokhani Securities Limited in 2018. The company simultaneously raised capital of INR 9500 million under his leadership. This is believed to be one of the largest institutional capital raising feats for an NBFC. Mr Nath intends to build an SME lending business that would focus on Healthcare, Education, Chemicals, Food Processing/FMCG, Printing &Packaging, Electrical Equipment Components, Light Engineering and BFSI segments. U GRO Capital in its one year journey has been recognized as a platform that’s driven by the combination of ‘Knowledge + Technology’ and impeccable governance framework.


A man of many great qualities, Mr Nath is known to be an influencer and a hands-on leader who trusts his instincts. At present, Mr. Nath is focused on the SME credit gap in India. The segment roughly contributes to around 30 per cent of the country’s GDP and yet the capital gap within the sector is estimated at USD 650 billion. Currently, he is passionate about solving India’s SME credit problem.

Unlike many other techpreneurs, Mr. Nath is not interested in developing a dotcom company and selling it in a few years. Instead, he wants U GRO Capital to be as technology-driven as any other fintech start-up but wants it to be a business that stands the test of time. As financial services is a growing sector in a country like India, Mr Nath considers himself fortunate to have the requisite experience to be the torchbearer at U GRO Capital.

Under his able leadership, the rebranded entity is now looking to build its very own technology platform, which can be integrated with other technologies in the same space.

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